Vendor Spotlight: Kasey Blaustein of Kasey Jones, Ink.
Kasey Jones, Ink.
Kasey Jones, Ink.
Kasey Jones, Ink.

At ABS Collective, we are fortunate to collaborate with some of the most innovative and dynamic companies with the goal of providing our clients with an individualized event.  Kasey Jones, Ink., a picturesque-bestowing custom art company,  has been no exception.  Kasey Blaustein, creator and principal artist of Kasey Jones, Ink., provides colorful, eye-catching branded live art, murals, lettering, step and repeats, and other branded services for events — and we are tickled pink (and blue and green) to have her to create the winners’ envelopes for the 7th Annual Guild of Music Supervisors Awards. In our vendor spotlight, Kasey shares her experiences as an entrepreneur, offers advice on how to make a lasting impression when event-planning, and gives us a glimpse into her creative process.


In 35 words or less, what is the heart and soul of Kasey Jones, Ink?
A passion and joy for creating one-of-a-kind experiences through meticulous dedication and stellar craftsmanship.


What is the #1 lesson you’ve learned as the creator and owner of a startup company? What advice can you offer up-and-coming business owners?

It takes a village. When you’re a small business, you’ll need to lean on others for guidance and mentorship. You’ll also need a handful of trustworthy people you can delegate tasks to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and accept good advice when it’s given. It’s the only way you can grow.


You mention that over the years, you have developed a keen sense of what makes an event leave a lasting impression. What makes an event stand out? What are some characteristics that can take an event to the next level?
When the makeup of an event really reflects the host or the client, that makes a lasting impression. Anyone can pull trending party-planning practices from Pinterest (which is a great resource to start with), but the beauty and fun part of designing an event is really tweaking the theme or activities or decor you like to make it your own.



Kasey Jones, Ink.



One of the projects we work on together is the Guild of Music Supervisors Awards, in which you design the winners’ envelopes each year. We love that your creations are all hand-crafted and distinctively customized for your clients. What is your creative process, particularly, when designing the envelopes for the awards?
Before starting Kasey Jones, Ink. I worked in brand management and marketing. I know the importance of brand identity, so I usually start by looking at the client’s brand book and then check out the aesthetic of their website and social channels. Once I absorb that, I see how I can marry my style with their identity to best meet the goals of the project. In regards to the GMS envelopes and winner cards, the goal was to add a personalized touch to old Hollywood glamour. We did this by using black, gold and white colors, a Great Gatsby type of font, and including simple and clean imagery for each nomination category.


Your work is imaginative and unique. Overall, what drives your creativity? Where do you draw inspiration from?
Well thank you! I draw inspiration directly from the client. As I mentioned before, brand identity plays a huge role in my creative process. I also draw a ton of inspiration from other artists, graphic designers, fashion bloggers, etc. that I follow on social media. Scrolling through Instagram is such an easy way to get a daily dose of inspiration. It’s actually how I start and end my day.


What has been the most rewarding part of your journey with Kasey Jones, Ink?
Establishing creative, emotional and financial fulfillment by doing something I love to do.


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